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3-Port Signal Isolator


The SI3P 3-Port Signal Isolator isolates signals from field devices from the measuring equipment such as PLCs, DCS, Indicators, Controllers, etc. It thereby protects the measuring equipment from electrical damage. With proper use, it eliminates the effects of electrical noise, electromagnetic interference and ground loops on the signals from field devices. Also, the small sensitive signal from the field device can be transmitted accurately over a long distance to a measuring device.

The SI3P 3-Port Signal Isolator is factory-set to accept input from either of 2 types of thermocouples (J, K), Pt100, Pt200 and Pt1000 3-wire RTD sensors, DC voltage and DC current signals as well as resistance input. SI3P has an accuracy of 0.1%. It also provides an excitation supply for a 2-wire, 4~20 mA transmitter. The power supply can be an 85~265 V AC SMPS, or a 12~36 V DC supply.The SI3P signal isolator provides electrical isolation between its own power supply, the input and output signals of 1500 V AC RMS and 250 V AC RMS continuous.

Zero and Span multiturn potentiometers are provided through a detachable panel if user requires to check or recalibrate the isolator. The SI3P 3-Port Iignal isolator is housed in a 55W x 75H x 110D mm ABS enclosure and mounted on a 35-mm DIN rail.

  • Input :DC volts, 0/4~20 mA, Ohms, RTD, Thermocouples, AC Amps, AC volts, etc.
  • Output : DC volts, 0/4~20 mA
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • Supply : 12~36 V DC, 85~265 V AC / 50/60 hz
  • Input/output/supply isolation : 1500 V AC / 1 min, 250 V AC continuous
  • DIN rail enclosure
  • Eliminates electromagnetic interference and ground loops
  • Allows small, sensitive signals to be transmitted over a long distance




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