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Acid and Alkali Thermocouple - Teflon Coated Sheath


Teflon Coated Thermocouples measure temperatures in highly corrosive acids and alkalis. The thermocouple measures temperatures up to 200 °C, suitable for applications such as plating, pickling, and acid baths. The sheath is constructed of SS316 / SS316L and then Teflon (PTFE) coated to protect the RTD element from corrosion and heat degradation by the acidic or alkaline medium. Angular assemblies are available on request which enable the RTD sensor to be installed in complex positions. The standard terminal head is made of plastic; stainless steel (SS) heads can also be designed on request.

  • Teflon ( PTFE) coating on sheath
  • J, K & T type
  • Up to 200°C
  • Up to 1000 mm length
  • 6 or 8 mm diameter
  • Teflon coating on Titanium for longer life
  • Plastic Terminal Head
  • Stainless Steel head optional
  • Angular assemblies available


  • Temperature measurement



  • 6 or 8 mm diameter
  • Plastic or SS Head
  • Angular Assemblies
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