Automation of a Compactor Machine

Our client required automation of a compactor machine which is used for compressing soil used in the construction of roads. The compression of soil is an accurate process where the number of strokes and the stroke lengths had to be precise so that the hammer compresses the soil to the desired amount.

Radix provided an automation system which allows the operator to set the number of hammer strokes as per the requirement. Post automation the machine could be stopped at any point and the soil can be checked for compactness.  Our solution is designed as per customer requirement to meet the Australian and New Zealand standard of testing soil compaction and density test.

Products Used
  • Accurate counting of number of strokes.
  • 3 different modes given for different standards.
  • Compact solution as per space constraints in machine.
  • HMI for parameters selection and process monitoring.

The compactor machine system comprised of a main motor for hammer action, motor for adjusting hammer position and a solenoid valve for adjusting hammer height. Depending on the requirement of the standards, hammer height can be selected prior to operation. However the system was manually operated. The machine also could  be paused in between a cycle to check for compactness of the soil.

 Radix solution involved PLC with 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.  The PLC offered an automated solution for the operator as now standards could be set instructing the machine as to the number of hammer strokes to take. The system updated the operator as to how many strokes have been taken thereby making the operator aware of the status of the soil compactness.

Soil compactness could also be checked in between a process by pausing the machine. The automation provided up to 3 standards settable by the operator saving time in case of set up change.

A Delta make HMI with keypad was used for data entry and other operation.

The entire automation system was compact and integrated within the constraints of the machine. Despite the compactness the functionality was not limited as the machine now met the Australian and New Zealand Standard of testing soil compaction and density test.

Programmable Logic Controller - FX

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Graphic Operation Terminal - HMI - GT14

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Automatic Compactor Machine

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