Barcode Scanning & Logging System

In a continuous production line of a manufacturing company, the finished products were having three different barcodes for three different parts of a single product. These barcodes were stuck to their respective parts. Accordingly the log sheets were prepared manually for recording the barcode identification for each product. This was time consuming process and was manpower intensive.

Radix has provided the barcode scanning & logging system & provided the desired reports in excel format so as to avoid any manual data entries. The automated system was operated by a single operator with ease without altering the total cycle time of 15 sec per product.

Radix provided an automation system which allows the operator to set the starting character & the length (no. of characters) of the barcode. This gives the flexibility to extract the desired information from the scanned barcode.

Products Used
  • Cycle time less than 15 sec for scanning 3 different barcodes
  • Barcode length selection settings
  • Auto generated day wise excel reports 
  • Reduction in manpower
  • In addition to the 3 barcodes, logging of parameters like Voltage, Current, Power.
  • Simple to use & above all a wireless barcode scanning system

During the the existing manual process the operators used to stick the 3 barcodes to the respective parts of a product, & then the log sheet for the same was filled manually. Since it was a continuous production line the product was available at that station only for 10~15 seconds. It was difficult to maintain the cycle time by operators and was prone to mistakes and  data skipping.

Radix provided a Delta make PLC with about 10 DI/DO & one operator interface (HMI) for data entry & other operations.

The entire automation system was compact and integrated within the constraints of the place available in production line.

Programmable Logic Controller - FX

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Barcode scanning system in a production line

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