Blade Ageing Test System

One of the major industrial grade cutting tools manufacturer company required a testing system by which the life of blade can be determined. The blade is used for cutting the bricks in a series of several cycles. Because of the ageing effect, the power required for cutting the bricks increases over a period of time. With this information the life of blade is determined & mentioned on their respective product.  

Radix has provided the automation for this system such that the tests can be performed on the shop floor & doing so the parameters like current (I), voltage (V), Power (P) are being monitored and logged in the SCADA system at very high sampling rate. This logged data is then represented in a graphical format for the user to determine the life of blade under test.

Shop floor consisted of 10 testing stations where our system has been installed.

Products Used
  • High speed analog input sampling & datalogging (10 stations in 200 ms)
  • Radix make Analog & Digital input module - Model No. SCM201
  • Remote Logging Start/Stop operations from each station
  • Automatic updation of cycle number based on set current limit
  • Batch wise Excel reports for analysis of data
  • Easy to use Scada system

In the blade ageing test system, the blade is used to cut several bricks for certain duration and based on the power drawn by the machine the life of the blade is determined.

Radix has provided two types of panels ( Single phase-230V AC and 3 Phase 440V AC) depending on the types of the machines used for various cutting applications. In total there were 10 such stations where testing is carried out simultaneously.

Radix provided a Analog Input and Digital module SCM201 installed in each of the control panel. A centralised Elipse scada system is installed which collects data from each of these 10 station & logs the data as an independent system for further analysis. Excel reports were made available for the analysis of the logged data.

Analog Input Module - SCM201

  • 8 channels, each with universal input
  • Isolated RS485/MODBUS RTU, up to 19200 Baud rate
  • MODBUS / TCP & Telnet multidrop communication for PLC, SCADA, etc.
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Blade Ageing Test System

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