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Cost Effective Calibrator


MICROCAL is a precision instrument used either as a temperature indicator with input from RTD sensors and thermocouples or a calibrator for other process instruments. It can be used in any of 3 modes: measure, source or simultaneous, which combines the first two. It handles a wide range of process inputs - RTDs, thermocouples, mV and mA linear input and resistance (ohms). Built of a microprocessor-based closed-loop design, the calibrator's programmed output is continuously compared to a highly stable reference and automatically corrected for errors. It achieves a very high accuracy with a possible error of only 0.02% of the full-scale value. Powered by a Ni-Cad battery, MICROCAL is extremely portable and lasts up to 8 hours of constant use on a single charge. It weighs a mere 1.5 kg and takes a little less than 4000 cc of space. The calibrator directly displays thermocouple and RTD inputs in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. MICROCAL performs automatic or manual electronic cold-junction compensation for thermocouples to maintain a high-accuracy even in the case of thermocouples connected via extension wires. For a full-featured version of MICROCAL, see RADICAL.

  • 3 operational modes - measure, source or simultaneous
  • 4 - 8 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Extremely high accuracy - 0.02% of Full-Scale value
  • Direct display in Celsius or Fahrenheit of thermocouple and RTD inputs
  • Automatic and manual cold-junction compensation for thermocouples
  • Lightweight (1.5 kg) and Compact (220x80x220 mm)
  • High resolution: 0.1 °C or °F, 10 µV, 1 µA, 0.02 ohms


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