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RCT301 is a preset counter that counts events, batches, measures frequency, motor-speed, cable-length, acts as a zero-speed switch to detect stoppage of a rotating shaft and more. The counter receives input from proximity switches, photoelectric switches, voltage pulses, limit switches, microswitches and electromagnetic pickups amongst others. It can count up, count down, bidirectionally as well as in quadrature. The counter measures frequency up to 5000 Hz. RCT301 features a dual LED display; the upper display indicates for the counter and the lower display indicates rate, batch, totalizer-value or a setpoint as selected by the operator. 8 additional LEDs indicate setpoint and relay status, communication status and whether the batch or total value is displayed. The operator can set up to 2 setpoints for the process value. The counter counts a range of 0 to 999999 with absolute accuracy and measures 0.06 - 9999 RPM within 0.05% of the reading. RCT301 features 2 user-programmable electromagnetic relays for process control as well as retransmits an isolated output signal to other devices such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Solid-State Relay (SSR). Signal isolation protects your devices and machines downstream of our instruments from damaging fluctuations in the input signal. RCT301 provides mutual signal isolation of 1 kV AC RMS/1 minute for its own power supply, the input and output.

  • Ultra to Absolute Accuracy
  • Up to 2 user programmable relays
  • Programmable setpoints, scale factor and relay modes
  • Totalizer, RPM, Meters/Minute, Mains Frequency and more
  • Measures up to 5 KHz
  • Isolated, programmable, 4 - 20 retransmission output
  • 4 Counting Modes




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