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Differential Pressure Transmitter


DPT514 is a programmable, microprocessor - based, differential pressure transmitter. It features an IP65 enclosure, and an LCD display. Available with multiple mounting options such as wall, surface and duct. DPT514 can be easily configured for pressure unit, range, etc.

  • 2 x Analog Outputs
  • Unit : Pa, mmWC, mbar, inWG, inHg, PSI, mmHg
  • Mounting : Wall/Surface/Duct mount High accuracy
  • Software calibration - no trimpots
  • 18~36 V DC or 20~32 V AC
  • User programmable through PC using DCC502 USB to serial converter or DCC505 USB to RS485 converter - Isolated
  • Auto-zero adjustment with pushbutton switch
  • RS485 communication with MODBUS Protocol


  • Pressure Measurement



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