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Differential Pressure Transmitter


SCC503 is a 2-wire differential pressure transmitter housed in an IP65 enclosure made of ABS plastic. It may be wall, surface or duct-mounted. By deploying pressure tubes into two different areas, SCC503 measures, displays and transmits the difference in pressure between those areas. This transmitter is widely used in pharmaceutical facilities that must maintain a pressure gradient to prevent cross-contamination of the various materials within its rooms. SCC503 is easily configured via a dipswitch or PC to indicate differential pressure in a wide range of units - Pa (pascals), mmWC, mbar, inWG, inHg, PSI, mmHg. SCC503’s microcontroller technology linearizes the input which makes control more effective. If programmed by a computer, you will require a PC configurator, PCC82 by Radix. A push button on the unit allows easy auto-zero adjustment.

  • True 2-wire operation
  • Measures in Pa, mmWC, mbar, inWG, inHg, PSI, mmHg
  • High accuracy
  • Software calibration - no trimpots
  • 12 - 32 V DC loop supply
  • User programmable using PC configurator PCC82 connected to USB port of any PC
  • Auto-zero adjustment with push button switch
  • DIP switches for selection of Unit & Range


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