Dipstick RTD For Engine Oil Temperature Measurement


Dipstick RTD sensors are designed to measure oil temperature and find extensive application in the automobile industry. The RTD sensor measures temperature between -20 and 150 °C. Its 3-wire Pt100 RTD element can be constructed in single or dual assembly in Class B / Class A as per the IEC 751 standard for RTD sensors. Its PTFE insulated cable ensures the RTD functions in wide range of temperatures and also provides chemical inertness in severe environments. A flexible steel spring ensures easy insertion and ”O” rings prevent leakage of fluid while in use.

  • 3-wire Pt100 element in simplex or duplex assembly
  • RTD sensor for Automobile industry
  • Easy insertion
  • Leak proof
  • -20 to 150 °C range
  • Made as per sample only


  • Temperature measurement



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