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Economy Pressure Gauge with Welded Sealed Unit

PGS400 / PGS401 / PGS410 / PGS411

Radix Sealed Diaphragm gauges are designed for accurate pressure readings in high pressure corrosive environments. A Teflon sheeted SS316L diaphragm protects the pressure gauge from corrosive media and also prevents clogging of the bourdon tube by viscous process media. The PGS400 gauges are meant for high pressure requirements measuring up to 280 Kg/cm2. These sealed diaphragm pressure gauges are primarily used in applications where the process fluid measured would normally clog the pressure measuring device or where the process fluid in the measuring element might freeze due to changes in ambient temperatures. With an IP68 rating (IS/IEC 60529:2001), PGS400 gauges are completely dust proof and can handle complete continuous submersion in water. With a strong welded steel constructions, the gauges can be directly mounted using their threaded process connection. These gauges are built with a complete stainless steel casing and stainless steel internals. They can also be glycerin filled or with an extension capillary. 

  • High pressure welded construction, economic model
  • Threaded process connection for direct mounting
  • Whether proof to IP 68 per IS/IEC 60529:2001
  • Diaphragm material, SS316L
  • Scale ranges upto 0…400 Kg/cm2
  • SS316 Diaphragm
  • For non corrosive gases and Liquids
  • Also available with flexible stainless steel armored capillary assembly


  • Pressure Measurement



  • PGS400: SS Case & SS Internals
  • PGS401: SS Case, SS Internals & Glycerine Filled
  • PGS41X: SS Case, SS Internals with Extension Capillary
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