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Electrical contact Temperature Gauge

G Series

Electric Contact Temperature gauge with mercury filled system based on mercury expansion principle is used for temperature ranges for -30 to 600 deg C .The gauges are offered with standard double arm Magnetic Snap action contact with 1NC+NO switching function (Single or triple arm contacts available on special request).Magnetic snap action contacts are insensitive to vibration.They are fitted with an adjustable magnet for effective electrical connection, thus avoiding arcing and scorching of the contact pin. Snap action contacts are rated for D.C. or A.C. currents up to 250V , maximum: 1 Amp current.Make or break settings can be achieved in a variety of permutations by a withdrawable key that is supplied with the gauge. Electrical contact gauges are available in 100 mm (4”) and 150 mm (6”) dial sizes. The temperature gauges are available in bottom / back / all angle (every angle) mounting provision. All angle design provides maximum utility since the entire case can be rotated / angled (180 deg) so that dial face can be read easily.Capillary type remote mounting gauges are supplied with flexible stainless steel armoured capillary in 1.5 meter, 3 meter and 5 meter, thereof in multiple of 5 meters upto 30 meters.Surface mounting clamp / bracket for easy installation.Corrosion resistant SS316 / SS316L stem in 8 mm diameter is used as standard, optional 6 mm diameter available on special request. Immersion length can be selected between 75 mm (min.) to 2500 mm(max.) with 250 mm as standard. Threaded / flanged process connections in fixed or adjustable design are offered as per requirement. Use of thermowell is recommended for all applications to protect thermometer stem from high velocity, pressure or corrosive fluid. Thermowell also permits instrument interchange without disturbing or shutting down the process . IP68 rating can be offered for a dust tight weatherproofing and protection from complete, continuous submersion in water. Optional dampening liquid (Glycerin) filled case can be supplied for applications where vibrations are present 

  • Audible or visual alarms triggered by switching On / Off
  • Magnetic snap action contact
  • Standard 1NC + 1NO switching function
  • Max. 250 V, 1 Amp rated power
  • Mercury-in steel filled system
  • 100 and 150 mm Dial sizes
  • Rigid stem or capillary type
  • Scale range from -30 deg.C upto 600 deg.C
  • Direct bottom (radial) / eccentric back / All angle / remote mounting
  • Stem length up to 2500 mm
  • Fixed / adjustable process connection
  • Optional- Thermowell , single or four arm contact with different switching functions



  • IP68 rating can be offered
  • Immersion length selected between 75 mm (min.) to 2500 mm(max.) with 250 mm as standard
  • Optional dampening liquid (Glycerin) filled
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