Flameproof Memory Timer

RCT605 (Flameproof)

FRCT605 is a flameproof timer housed in a heavy-duty enclosure certified flameproof for gas groups I, IIA & IIB with IP65 rating - completely dust proof and a good level of protection against water. This programmable timer has non-volatile memory to automatically operate a time-based process, counting upwards or downwards. It retains memory of elapsed time until the next time it is switched on. The timer features a wide range of configurable control inputs. Start simply turns on the timer and there are 3 variations each for the Stop, Reset and Gate control input functions. The Stop function can stop the timer and maintain relay status, turn the relay on or turn it off. Similarly, Gate will freeze the timer in presence of an input and maintain relay status, turn the relay on or turn it off. Reset maintains the timer at its initial state as long as input is present, the timer will start counting up or down when the input is removed. In Pulse reset mode, it will reset and immediately restart the timer. In the third Reset variation, it will reset the timer and wait for a start pulse to begin counting again. A dual LED displays the set time and elapsed time, 6 additional LEDs indicate hours, minutes, seconds, timer status and the status of each of the 2 relays. 2 setpoints are programmed by the operator via membrane keys on the front of the unit. It is accurate to 0.01% of a quartz crystal. FRCT605 features 2 relays with 4 relay functions: ON-DELAY, OFF-DELAY, CYCLIC-1 and CYCLIC-2.

  • Non-volatile memory
  • 2-setpoint, dual display
  • User selectable
  • 10 milliseconds to 9999 hours
  • Incrementing / decrementing display
  • 4 fixed/configurable control inputs
  • 0.01% quartz crystal accuracy
  • Supply voltage: 85 - 265 V AC OR 24 V DC




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