Flameproof Panel


Radix has supplied a wide range of Flameproof panels meeting almost every kind of applications. All our FLP panels are certified under Gas groups IIA, IIB, IIC and are especially designed to operate in hazardous environment.

  • Types of flameproof panels offered are as follows
  • Flameproof junction boxes
  • Flameproof instrumentation panel
  • Flameproof control desk
  • Flameproof MCC control system
  • Flameproof VFD control panel
  • Flameproof vaccum control panel
  • Flameproof motion control panel
  • Flameproof automation controller
  • Flameproof plc automation
  • Flameproof motor control panel
  • Flameproof variable speed control panel
  • Flameproof ac drive panel
  • Flameproof instrument control panel
  • Flameproof automatic control system
  • Flameproof data loggers
  • Flameproof well glass light fixture
  • Flameproof push button stations
  • Flameproof plug & socket




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