Flameproof Rate Indicator

RCT202 (Flameproof)

FRCT202 is a rate indicator housed in a heavy-duty enclosure certified flameproof for gas groups I, IIA & IIB with IP65 rating - completely dust proof and a good level of protection against water. FRCT202 is a programmable RPM indicator typically used to measure motor and shaft speeds up to 5000 Hz. The rate-indicator receives input from proximity switches, photoelectric switches, voltage pulses, limit switches, electromagnetic pickups amongst others. FRCT202 features a single 4-digit programmable LED display, which indicates the measured process value. The rate-indicator can measure 0.06 - 9999 RPM within 0.05% of the reading. For even greater accuracy, FRCT202 can be programmed to take in multiple pulse-inputs over 1 rotation and display the correct value via a scaling calculation.

  • 0.06 - 9999 RPM
  • Ultra accuracy of 0.05% of reading
  • Programmable unit & scale factor
  • Application: RPH, RPM, RPS, Meters/Minute, Mains Frequency, etc.
  • Measures up to 5 KHz
  • Inputs: Proximity switch, voltage pulses, Limit switch, etc.




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