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FRP Panels stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)  Panels, they offer several benefits. FRP has very low density and is invariably lighter than the same volume of aluminium or steel. It  outperforms aluminium and steel in terms of mechanical strength. It is more impact-resistant and does not change shape when ruptured like most of the metals. The coating that covers FRP panels can be tailored for greater resilience or hardness. FRP Panels is also more chemical resistant making it an ideal panel material in areas where chemical spillages may occur, areas typically found in water treatment, chemical,paper, and petroleum industries. FRP panels are long-lasting as they will not corrossion free, unlike their metal counterparts. From a safety standpoint, FRP material is a bad conductor of electricity, yet is versatile enough to be made to conduct electricity if required by our customers. FRP panels also have great heat-insulation; they maintain their temperature and are easy to touch in normal conditions. With low-thermal expansion, making them ideal for applications with fluctuating temperatures. FRP panels have shown very high durabilityhave very low maintenance and .Radix FRP Panels adhere to strict manufacturing standards in a variety of protection classes - IP44, IP65, IP55, IP52 for different levels of protection against water and dust and dust. With a high strength to weight ratio the control panels are made lightweight without any compromise in strength. FRP Panels can be stand alone, wall mounted or self standing .

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Impact Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Non-porous and water-proof
  • Extremely durable




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