Furnace Control & Monitoring

Our client- a major manufacturer of Stainless steel located in North India, has a major facility to manufacture stainless steel ropes.There they require to run a temperature profile by maintain the temperature of their 5 different furnaces for a particular value for a particular timing and view the data from their Laboratory situated away from the furnace. Radix provided a Thyristor Power Regulator System for their application and remote viewing.

Products Used
  • High low temperature alarm
  • HMI view 
  • Protection against excessive heating
  • Ramp Soak Profile control
  • 5 Zone Furnace Control |
  • Heater Capacity : 375 kW, 3 phase|
  • Accurate temperature control|
  • Power Saving

Temperature Data (i.e. Process Value) from all 5 furnaces are taken and sent to the Signal Isolator (MSIP4) where the analog process value is split and sent to Gate PID Controller and Safety PID controller respectively.

The Set point value is set on the Gate PID controller, which compares the Process value to Set point value and triggers the gate to pass the current across the heater coils and maintain the set point value.

The temperature profile is maintained by using an HMI and PLC where the profile is stored.The value from PLC is sent to the SCADA computer for viewing. 

Radix provided a user friendly interface for a large and complex system. Operators had status screens, mimic screens, trend and historical data, audit trails, alarm logs and more at their disposal.

A standard status screen showed operators the status of all instruments and present room conditions at a glance. A quick report compiling a time-stamped status of every instrument in the facility could be generated at the click of a button.

Mimic screens displayed individual mimics for each floor to make it easy for the operator monitor and control every instrument independently. The mimic screens also displayed alarms from each instrument for quick response by operators.

Trend and historical data screens allowed operators to view instrument data over any time frame starting from the installation of the BMS. The SCADA easily generated PDF and Excel reports.

Initially, Radix linked utility equipment like the water system as well as production machines to the BMS for monitoring. In a later phase, real-time-clock based scheduling of Air Handling Units was given via a PLC panel.

Radix also provided validation documents for Design Qualification, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification for every Radix-make instrument installed in the facility.

PID Controller - X96

  • Universal Input
  • 5 Setpoints
  • 96x96
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Signal Isolator - MSI4P

  • AC current/voltage input
  • Dual output
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Thyristor -Three-Phase Resistive Load - Phase Angle Controlled - TRP-3P-480 Series

  • 25 ~ 700A
  • Three Phase
  • Resistive load
  • Input Supply - 110V, 220V,380, 415V, 440V,480V
  • Input control 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 2-10V, 10k potentiometer, On-Off relay contact or 24DC pulse
  • Phase angle
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