Greenhouse Automation - 2

Temperature and humidity are vital for plant growth. Efficient operation of a greenhouse requires a good degree of control over these two parameters. Our client required precise control of temperature and relative humidity with adjustable setpoints based on a real-time clock (RTC).

Radix installed its RHC301 relative humidity and temperature controller with 4 setpoints to measure conditions and actuate the client’s heaters and dehumidifiers. These were connected to a SCADA, where the client defined each of the 4 setpoints according to the time of day in a table.

The SCADA system also displayed real-time and historic trends.

Products Used


  • Scheduler  to automatically modify set points at user defined interval
  • Step number selection as desired
  • RH measurement using Hygrometer with dry and wet bulb
  • Real time clock(RTC) based 24 step set point control

Radix installed one RHC301 controller in the customer’s greenhouse. RHC301 utilizes wet and dry bulb temperatures to calculate relative humidity. After comparing the calculated value to the user-defined setpoint at that time, RHC301 actuated heaters or dehumidifiers to bring humidity and temperature to the required value.

The controller was connected to a SCADA where operators could input 4 setpoints, with 24 settings for each corresponding to the hours in a day. Operators could also choose a step number, after which the controller would maintain that setpoint until the next day. This was necessary as plants in various areas of the greenhouse require different ranges of temperature and humidity throughout the day.

The SCADA supplied closely monitored the system with real time trends and historic data for user defined time intervals. Users could define datalogging intervals down to seconds and generate excel or text reports for analysis.

RH+T Wet and Dry Bulb Controller - RHC301

  • Wet and Dry Bulb %RH Controller
  • RS485
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