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Loop Powered Isolator


LPI61 is 2-wire loop powered isolator which requires no external supply as it is powered by its input signal. It has a low loop-drop of only 3.7 V. Isolators prevent damage to valuable PLCs, DCS, etc. from fluctuations in the input signal from field devices. LPI61 eliminates earth and ground loop problems by electrically isolating the input and output circuits. The signal isolator receives and retransmits a 4-20 mA current analog signal seamlessly with a transfer accuracy of 0.1%. LPI61 provides signal isolation of 1500 V AC RMS/ 1 minute and 250 V AC RMS/ continuous. LPI61 can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail in a control panel. It has an LED to indicate it is operating.

  • 4-20 mA in, 4-20 mA out
  • Isolation between input and output
  • 0.1% transfer accuracy
  • 5 V loop drop
  • 0 - 600 Ohms load without trimming
  • DIN rail mounting
  • No power supply required




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