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Low Cost Thermocouple


Low cost thermocouples are economy model sensors, designed for easy and quick mounting on the surfaces whose temperature is to be measured. The low cost sensors are specifically designed for hazardous applications like measuring curing temperatures of cement or concrete, intermittent dipping in molten aluminium, for test beds in automobile industries and surface temperature of machines, where repetitive use of newer thermocouples are required. The thermocouples are built with exposed hot junctions with stripped leads. Exposed measuring junctions gives the thermocouples a faster response.
The hot junction can be bead welded, giving it a strong connection. The thermocouple is available in J, K and T type calibrations. PTFE tapings are constructed for temperatures up to 250 °C, ensure thermocouples function in a wide range of temperatures and also provides chemical inertness in severe environments. For temperatures up to 300 °C, glass fibre braided and impregnated insulation are also available. Pin type, ring type, flat lugs and miniature plugs are offered.

  • Low cost varieties made of Class 2 (IEC) grade thermocouple wires
  • Easy mounting
  • Bead welded hot junction
  • Fast response
  • PTFE taping for 250 °C applications
  • Glass fibre braided & impregnated for 300 °C applications
  • J, K, and T calibrations
  • Stripped leads as standard
  • Available with fork/pin type lugs


  • Temperature measurement
  • Temperature



  • Up to 250 °C: PTFE taping, Up to 300 °C: Glass fibre braided and impregnated insulation
  • J, K and T type calibrations
  • Pin type, ring type, flat lugs and miniature plugs are offered
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