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Magnesense® II Differential Pressure Transmitter

Series MS2

The Series MS2 Magnesense® II Differential Pressure Transmitter combines the proven stable Hall Effect sensing technology of our original Series MS with additional features to reduce installation time and simplify ordering. In this second generation transmitter, we have added additional field selectable pressure ranges so that each model can have four selectable ranges along with four additional bidirectional ranges. When using the pluggable integral display or the portable remote display tool, both Metric and English engineering units can be selected via on board dip switches. Dual current and voltage outputs allow users to simultaneously take either a current or voltage output to their building controller and have a local test circuit for verification of the output reading. The voltage output can be selected to be either 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC, while the current is always 4 to 20 mA. Both the current and voltage output can also be inverted. The MS2 can also be ordered with either a BACnet® or MODBUS® Communications protocol output that will allow the transmitters to be daisy-chained together.

  • Service: Air and non-combustible, compatible gases
  • Wetted Materials: Consult factory
  • Typical Accuracy: ±1% FS for 0.25" (50 Pa), 0.5" (100 Pa), 2" (500 Pa), 5" (1250 Pa), 10" (2 kPa), 15" (3 kPa), 25" (5 kPa); ±2% FS for 0.1" (25 Pa), 1" (250 Pa), and all bi-directional ranges
  • Stability: ±1% / year FSO
  • Temperature Limits: 0 to 150°F (-18 to 66°C)
  • Pressure Limits: 1 psi max., operation; 10 psi burst
  • Power Requirements: 10~35 VDC (2-wire), 17~36 VDC or isolated 21.6~33 VAC (3-wire)
  • Output Signals: 4 to 20 mA (2-wire), 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC (3-wire)
  • Response Time: Adjustable: 0.5 to 15 sec. time constant. Provides a 95% response time of 1.5 to 45 seconds
  • Zero & Span Adjustments: Digital push buttons
  • Loop Resistance: Current Output: 0 to 1250 ohms max; Voltage Output: Min. load resistance 1 kohms Current Consumption: 40 mA max
  • Display (Optional): 5 digit LCD
  • Electrical Connections: 3-wire removable European style terminal block for 16~22AWG
  • Electrical Entry: 1/2" NPS thread
  • Process Connection: 3/16" ID tubing (5 mm ID); Max. OD 9 mm
  • Enclosure Rating: IP66
  • Mounting Orientation: Diaphragm in vertical position
  • Weight: 8.0 oz (230 g)
  • Agency Approvals: BTL, CE




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