Multisheathed Thermocouples with Metallic Outer Sheath & Ceramic Inner Sheath


Multisheathed thermocouples are designed for hazardous environments like furnaces where there are toxic gases at high temperatures. They have 2 layers or protective sheaths, making them suitable for measuring temperatures in highly corrosive environments. The inner layer is made of high quality ceramic which prevents the entry of toxic gases. The outer sheath is made of stainless steel-SS446, which is immune to corrosion for a wide range of temperatures and it protects the sheath from thermal shock which means it does not allow differential expansions that may damage the thermocouple. The inner sheath is built with one end closed recrystallised alumina tubes as a standard which have very high wear resistance. These thermocouples are available in all types of process connections: adjustable compression fittings, welded fittings, hex nipples, round nipples, welded flanges, adjustable flanges, sanitary fittings.

  • Used in furnaces with toxic gases at high temperatures
  • Inner sheath-High quality ceramic
  • Used with SS446 outer sheath for incinerators
  • Resistant to thermal shocks
  • 21.3 mm OD for outer sheath as standard
  • Bar stock sheaths available in 21, 24, 27 & mm diameters
  • One end closed recrystallized alumina tubes are used as inner sheaths as a standard
  • Available with all types of process connections


  • Temperature measurement



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