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Pass Box is used for material transfer from one Clean room to another clean room. It consists of a rectangular box with two doors. The two doors are interlocked such that both doors cannot be open at the same time, to prevent pressure losses and cross contamination.

Radix Pass Box Controller DXC421 achieves this by ensuring that before Door 1 of a Pass Box is opened, the Door 2 is closed. There are two LCD Display Cum Operator Panels (LCD Display Panels), one each to be mounted above each door. The panel has a 2 x 16 backlit LCD, information and status display for UV Time Totaliser, Door Status, etc. The LCD is also used during configuration of DXC421.

DXC421 also has provision to connect UV lamp, CF lamp and FAN.

  • Advanced 32-bit Cortex M0 controller based
  • Operates electromagnetic locks with inbuilt door open sensor for door feedback
  • Door status indication on LCD display
  • User defined password
  • User defined company name
  • Adjustable delay time between closing of Door 1 and opening of Door 2 (and vice versa)
  • Status indication on LCD display panel: GO, WAIT, DOOR OPEN, CLOSE DOOR
  • Buzzer output if door is kept open more than specified time;- Buzzer operation time adjustable from 2 to 99 seconds
  • 4 special multi function keys BACK, INC, DEC in program mode and use to operate CFL, UV, FAN if manual mode is selected.
  • UV LAMP ON if both doors closed
  • CF LAMP ON when any door is open
  • Blower fan ON when both doors closed
  • UV life calculation in hours and minutes
  • Buzzer alarm when 10% life of total life remaining (factory set)




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