Pipe Line RTD Sensor - Threaded Connection


Radix Pipe Line RTD sensors, with threaded connections are designed to measure the temperatures of process fluids in pipes, usually found in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where maintenance of hygiene is critical in order to prevent contamination. These RTD sensors measure temperature from -50 to 250°C, with a reduced sheath assembly for fast response. The sensor is terminated in a robust die cast aluminium head with threaded cap and chain. Optional SS terminal heads and transition joint assemblies may also be constructed. Their 2, 3 or 4 wire Pt100 RTD element can be constructed in single assembly in Class A/Class B as per the IEC 751 standard for RTD sensors.

  • For Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical industries
  • 2, 3 or 4-wire platinum element in simplex assembly
  • -50 to 250 °C
  • Threaded connection
  • SS316L sheath material
  • Weatherproof Die cast aluminum head with threaded cap and chain
  • Reduced sheath assembly for fast response
  • Weld-in TEE joint in SS316L
  • Optional SS terminal heads and Transition joint assemblies
  • Temperature measurement on line size 25 NB and below


  • Temperature measurement



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