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Reflex Level Gauge


Reflex level gauges are commonly used for level detection within a specific vessel, and the primary principle is based on the difference in refractive indices of vapor and liquid. Reflex gauges, also referred to as prismatic level gauges, offer a well-defined image of water levels. This reduces risks of distortions or reading areas. Because of this, a reflex level gauge can be installed in a tilt-view or vertical position to produce even greater accuracy in readings along with a much better degree of reliability. As imagined, this is highly beneficial for many industries.

  • Process connection orientation : Side/side, top/bottom with back/back
  • Process connection type : Flanged, Threaded Unions, Butt Weld Ends
  • Vent / drain connection : Valve - Gate, Needle, Globe or Ball type or Plug or Flange
  • Gauge cocks : Auto- shut-off ball check, off-set pattern, Bolted or Screwed Bonnet


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