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DCC301 is an RS232 to RS485 or RS422 converter. The RS232 to RS485 / RS422 converter allows the interface of any device using an RS232 serial link to an RS485 / RS422 link. The DCC301 converter also provides optical isolation between the RS232 and RS485 or RS422 connections. This ensures that any abnormal voltage on the RS485 or RS422 bus does not affect the RS232 port (say of a PC). The RS485 bus can be upto 1200 metres (4000 feet) long. The DCC301 converter supports baud rates upto 115200 bits/second.

  • Transmission rate : 300 - 115200bps
  • Transmission distance : RS485 1200m, RS232 5m
  • Working mode : asynchronous, halfduplex, differential transmission
  • Supports 32 nodes on RS485 bus
  • 3-port isolation between Power Supply, RS232, RS485 & RS422
  • Automatic direction control of RS485 signal


  • communication converter



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