RTD sensor For Dry Heat Sterilizer (DHS)


Dry Heat Sterilizer RTD sensors are designed to withstand the high pressure and temperature encountered in the dry-heat sterilization process. The RTD sensor measures temperatures between -50 to 250°C. Its teflon-insulated cable is also rated for a maximum temperature of 250 °C and terminated into fork-type lugs. Other cable terminations can also be made, on request. Its 3-wire Pt100 RTD element can be constructed in single or dual assembly in Class A or Class B as per the IEC 751 standard for RTD sensors.

  • 3-wire Pt100 element in simplex or duplex assembly
  • 4mm diameter, 50mm long SS316L sheath
  • -50 to 250°C range
  • Teflon insulated Cable with strain relief spring
  • Cable length : 3 metres, 5 metres , 10 metres, thereof in multiple of 1 meter


  • Temperature measurement



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