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ISOTHERM is a versatile scanner by Radix. Each unit has up to 8 inputs and 4 outputs. It recieves input from 8 types of thermocouples (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T) Pt100, 3-wire RTD sensors and voltage or current (4-20 mA or 0-20 mA) linear input. Inputs can be selected on the front panel of ISOTHERM without DIP reconfiguring for each channel, making it very easy to operate. Operators also programs setpoints and alarms on ISOTHERM via membrane keys on the front of the unit. Inputs may be grouped together to trigger a common alarm. Channel-scan time for all of the inputs is less than 1.6 seconds and may be extended up to 99 seconds. The scanner indicates the process value, setpoint value and channel scanned in three two-color LED displays. 14 additional LEDs indicate the status of 4 relays and 8 alarms with 2 for communication status. ISOTHERM’s 4 electromagnetic relays perform ON-OFF control - heating, cooling or cooling with compressor time delay and also trigger high, low, deviation high and low, inband and outband alarms. The scanner transmits 4 isolated current or voltage output signals to other devices such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Solid-State Relay (SSR). Signal isolation protects your devices and machines downstream of our instruments from damaging fluctuations in the input signal. ISOTHERM process values and events are viewed on a SCADA, which supports up to 32 instruments, thousands of tags offers control features such as data-retrieval, trend mapping, 2 levels of security, setpoint and alarms programming amongst others. The scanner will store up to 10 years of information even when powered down with non-volatile memory. Radix also offers a 21CFR version for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Upto 8 inputs / 4 relays / 2 isolated 4 - 20 mA outputs
  • Universal input: 8 thermocouples, Pt100, mV or mA input front panel selection
  • 3-key, 5 level programming
  • Tactile membrane keypad
  • RS485 with MODBUS RTU
  • 85 - 265 V AC SMPS
  • Powerful, flexible SCADA software available
  • Input burn protection
  • 10 years of Non-Volatile Memory Storage
  • Setpoint and level locks


  • Data Logging
  • DAQ



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