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Serial to Ethernet Converter


DCC201 connects any Serial Device to an Ethernet LAN and the Internet

The new Serial To Ethernet Converter DCC201 from Radix connects any Serial Device (RS232, RS485 or RS422) to an Ethernet network in minutes, including Serial Modbus to Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet.

DCC201 is an industrial grade converter designed for use in harsh industrial environments. It will work in the presence of electrical ‘noise’ as well as in high temperature and humidity.

Radix will private-label and customise the Serial To Ethernet Converter DCC201 for OEMs.

The new DCC201 is a simple, easy, low-cost way to connect any serial device to an Ethernet network with absolutely no code to be written by the user.

The DCC201 uses one of the most powerful and fast microprocessors available for such products. DCC201 accepts a dynamically assigned IP address from a DHCP server on your network. This DHCP client capability makes this Serial To Ethernet Converter very simple and easy to use on any nearly any Ethernet network.

If required, a static IP address can be assigned to DCC201 instead of a dynamic

IP. The IP address can be assigned locally through its serial connection, as well as remotely over an Ethernet network via Telnet or a web browser, using its factory default IP address.

DCC201 has an RJ45 connector to connect to an Ethernet converter. RS485 and RS232 connections are made to the detachable terminal connectors.

The DCC201 Serial To Ethernet Converter can be used to make any serial device into a node on an Ethernet network. It will have a unique IP address that allows it to be accessed from any authorised computer on the LAN, WAN or Ethernet.

RS232 connections are limited to a maximum of 50 feet (16 metres). This distance limitation can be overcome by using DCC201 to create a virtual tunnel on an Ethernet/Internet network that simulates a local point-to-point serial connection between the serial device and the PC.

The Serial To Ethernet Converter DCC201 converts the serial data into standard TCP/IP packets that can travel over any Ethernet LAN and the Internet.

DCC201 is compatible with a wide variety  of industrial  as well as commercial serial devices. These include : vending machines, time clocks, security alarms, telecommunications equipment, cash registers, card-key access controllers and bar-code readers; as also PID Temperature Controllers, Dataloggers, Flow Indicators / Totalizers, PLCs, Humidity Controllers, Weighing Instruments, Energy Meters and other Process Measurement and Control instrumentation.

DCC201 also finds wide usage in SCADA systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Control Panels, Energy Monitoring and Power Station Load Management and many more applications.

For serial devices using MODBUS/RTU, there is no need to change the serial device firmware or the application software. Using DCC201, your serial device will function as if it is directly connected to a PC through the Ethernet network or over the Internet. Briefly, the COM port on DCC201 simulates a local COM port on the PC.

DCC201 is compatible with wireless Ethernet. Where cabling is not possible, DCC201 can be connected to a Wireless Ethernet Access Point, providing simple and economical wireless connectivity for serial devices.

Applications using the DCC201 Serial To Ethernet Converter

  • An operator can monitor the functioning of various electrical loads throughout a manufacturing plant on a SCADA software collating the data in real time and optimising maximum demand, identifying unusual consumption and so on

  • A payroll clerk at headquarters (or anywhere in the world) can collect time attendance data from plants all over the country

  • An engineer sitting in a centralised control room can monitor as well as control process parameters like temperature, pressure, flow and level of a manufacturing plant located remotely, using a SCADA software

DCC201 is available in a DIN rail moounting enclosure suitable for industrial applications. The enclosure is 22.5mm wide, and made of Nylon6. This version can be private labelled. DCC201 is supplied with a browser based configuration utility. Ir works with a 24 V DC supply. An AC Power Adapter can be ordered separately.

Radix also provides an OEM PCB version of the Serial To Ethernet Converter, DCC203, powered by a 10 to 50 V DC / 100 mA supply. OEMs can incorporate this into an existing product with a serial interface, thereby adding Ethernet/Internet connectivity. Radix can also design a PCB to match the customer’s space/mechanical requirements.

For private labelling of DCC201 as well as the OEM version DCC203, the  browser based configuration utility will also be customised to reflect the name and logo of the customer. Contact Radix for OEM and private labelling requirements.

Radix Communication Products and Converters are designed and manufactured in Mumbai, India. Radix has an all-India sales and support network.

  • Auto-negotiating 10/100 Ethernet Half/ Full Duplex
  • Serial Interface: RS232, RS485, RS422
  • Browser based configuration utility
  • Bridge RS232/RS485/RS422 to TCP/IP
  • Serial speeds up to 230.4 Kb/s
  • TCP, Telnet, DHCP
  • Configurable baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, IP address
  • 24 V AC/DC (19~30 V AC/DC) power supply
  • Connect any serial device to your LAN/Internet network in minutes
  • Compact, DIN rail enclosure fits almost anywhere
  • Private labelling for OEMs


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