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Signal Isolator


VISO is a DIN rail mounted signal isolator for AC or DC signals up to ±10 V. It is an outstanding combination of accuracy, frequency response and signal handling. VISO is also a signal multiplier that retransmits 2 output signals from 1 input signal. Radix can also design VISO for 4 outputs on request. This isolator is available in a DC input type for frequency up to 5 Hz and an AC input type for frequency up to 1000 Hz. It’s input voltage may be from 0 to ±1, ±2, ±5 or ±10 V and it’s output signal is 0 to ±10 V which gives 20V peak-to-peak. VISO has an accuracy of typically 0.02% of span for DC and less than 5% of span for AC frequency above 250 Hz; it is much more accurate for lower frequencies (check datasheet for accuracy in your frequency range). VISO provides signal isolation of 1500 V AC RMS/1 minute and 250 V AC RMS/continuous for its own power supply, the input and output.

  • AC and DC input type
  • 1 or 2 outputs
  • DC accuracy better than 0.02% span
  • 1500 V AC/DC RMS isolation
  • Excellent for fast and transient phenomena
  • Accuracy of ± 0.1% for AC signals up to 100 Hz
  • Works up to 1 KHz




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