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Standard RTD Assembly with Terminal Head

RHW200 / RHW201 / RHW204 / RHW206 / RHW208 / RHW209

Head type Conventional RTD sensors have platinum RTD elements and Silver Plated Copper conductors. Built with a SS316L sheath, they are designed for a wide range of chemical, food and pharmaceuticals applications. As the sheath does not bend, a sheath length greater than 300 mm is not recommended. The sheath terminates into a die cast, weatherproof aluminium head. The RTD sensor measures temperatures between -50 and 250°C. Its 2, 3 or 4 wire Pt100 RTD element can be constructed in single or dual assembly in Class A/Class B as per the IEC 751 standard for RTD sensors. The terminal head of the RTD sensors has a standard 1/2” BSP (F) single cable entry and a single compression cable gland with the option of dual cable entry and double compression glands. RTD elements are terminated in to nickel-plated brass terminals which are mounted on high purity steatite terminal block. Several options available with Head type Conventional RTD sensors are head-mounted transmitters, connecting cables and thermowells.

  • 2, 3 or 4-wire platinum element in simplex or duplex assembly
  • Temperatue range: -50 to 250°C
  • Triple element assembly in 6 mm diameter on request
  • Standard lengths : 100mm, 150mm and 300mm( Longer assemblies not recommended)
  • Standard 6mm sheath diameter, other sheath diameter available on request
  • Termination : Weatherproof Die cast aluminum head with threaded cap and chain
  • 1/2"BSP (F) single cable entry with single compression gland
  • Different types of terminal heads available
  • SS316 sheath material as standard


  • Temperature measurement



  • RHW200: Standard assembly
  • RHW201: Free rotating fitting
  • RHW204: fixed fitting
  • RHW206: Adjustable compression fitting
  • RHW208: Fixed stopper / Flange connection
  • RHW209: Adjustable flange connection
  • Head-mounted transmitters, connecting cables and thermowells
  • single or dual cable entry and double compression glands
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