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TC K Handheld Thermometer


DIGIRAD71 is a handheld digital thermometer equipped with a K-type thermocouple temperature sensor. Radix also supplies a wide range of alternative probes for this instrument such as general purpose, quick response, high temperature and teflon coated immersion probes; leaf, bow-curved, rotary and spring surface probes; needle probes, prick probes, air probes and smithy probes. Its temperature range is between -50°C and 1300°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. It typically runs for 100 hours on a full charge of its standard 9V carbon-zinc battery. A large 3.5 digit LCD display shows your reading. The thermometer is accurate to within 1°C of the true value. DIGIRAD71 indicates a temperature out of its range or a sensor-break with the number 1 and low-battery by a ‘BAT’ on its display. DIGIRAD71 may be fitted with a large variety of probes depending upon application

  • Range: -50°C - 1300°C
  • Large variety of probes for all applications
  • Resolution: 0.1/1°C
  • Standard 9V Battery
  • 3.5 digit, 0.5 inch LCD
  • Maximum reading of 1999


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