Touch Screen Data logger


Radix Designed touch Screen data logger is a very efficient and cost effective solution for data logging in various application in Warehouse, Laboratory, Environmental Chamber or even room temperature monitoring.

  • Portable design with Touch Screen display
  • Datalogging for upto 64 channels
  • SD card slot provided for large data storage
  • 1GB SD card can store 40 days data with 1 sec logging interval for 32 parameters
  • Logged data can be dumped in USB pendrive for further analysis
  • Offline analysis of logged data using powerful & versatile Historical Viewer utility
  • Ethernet connectivity for retrieval of data over LAN, as well as for using Historical Viewer utility
  • Universal Inputs (RTD-Pt50,Pt100, Pt1000, TC-J, K, T, R, S, mV, 0~1/5/10 V, 0/4 ~ 20 mA etc..)
  • Individual Channel configuration through Touch Screen HMI
  • A cost effective & versatile design from Radix


  • Data Logging


  • warehouse


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