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Two / Three / Four Door Interlock system


Door Interlock Controller

DXC241 controls interlocking of 2 or 4 doors using door feedback sensor. It is a system which on request allows access to only one door for a predefined time and makes other door secure within the designated area.This is for minimizing the microbial, particulate contamination and helps maintaining pressure difference between rooms.

Buzzer indicators are used to indicate manhandling of the doors and will not allow to do so. Door groups can be formed in 4 door interlocking system. User can program door groups using PC based utility through serial communication. Door locking time and opening time can also be set using utility. A no touch switch / touch keypad is provided at the entry side of each door for access.

Four general purpose inputs (GPI) are provided for emergency door opening(e.g. through output of fire alarm system, or manual emergency door open switch). General purpose output (GPO) is a relay output, it can be used , for example to operate a siren.

Electo-magnetic Door lock

A magnetic lock is a simple locking device that consists of an electromagnet and armature plate. By attaching the electromagnet to the door frame and the armature plate to the door, a current passing through the electromagnet attracts the armature plate holding the door shut. Door and lock status outputs are used for remote monitoring. LED indications are used to show the door and lock status. It has an integral door sensor (DOTL-Door Open Too Long) which allows the controller to determine whether the door is open or closed for control logic.

Emergency Switch

The emergency switch is used to open all the doors simultaneously in emergency conditions.

No Touch Switch

No touch switch is used as input switch to access the door by simply passing the hand close to the switch. Detection is indicated by a LED. Blue indicates 'Normal' and Red indicates 'No touch detection'.

  • Two/ Three/ Four door open switches
  • Cascading option can let you increase the number of door by 8
  • Programmable via communication
  • Four Digital Inputs (DIs), Two Digital Output (DOs)
  • Four DOTL switches for sensing door position
  • Four relay outputs to operate four electromagnetic locks of doors
  • Four green & four red LED controls
  • Four buzzer output logics




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