Vehicle Speed Governing System

This is a simple yet effective system by which the fitness certificate for the heavy vehicle is issued.

Here the speed of the vehicle is measured by a proximity sensor installed near the roller eventually rotated by the vehicle. This is a batch type system where depending upon the log interval & no of logs the various test were performed depending upon the vehicle type.

Products Used
  • Low cost speed governing system with minimal hardware
  • Duplicate batch no. indication/notification
  • Batch wise PDF & Excel reports
  • Simple & user friendly to operate

The speed governing system comprises of a proximity sensor installed near the roller which is rotated by the movement of the rear wheels of the vehicle under test. The sensor is connected to one of the input of the PLC installed in the control panel supplied by radix.

Since the circumference of the roller is known, by counting the no. of pulses from the proximity sensor, rpm & ultimately speed is calculated.

Radix has supplied a Batch wise scada system by which user can start/stop the test as & when required. Also he can select the logging interval in terms of  minutes & the no. of logs to be recorded for any particular test. After the set no. of logs are recorded for a particular test the system stops logging further.. 

These records are then reflected/organised into a pre formatted report like a certificate.

Radix provided a Delta make PLC with about 10 DI/DO along with the control panel

The entire automation system was compact and simple to operate.

Loop Powered Indicator - PLC40

  • Field / wall mount
  • Programmable
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Vehicle Speed Governing System

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