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Wireless Level Transmitter


ZGE205 is a wireless transmitter used to measure the level of liquid and transmit it wirlessly to the receiver ZGB201 or ZGB203 conntected to a PC for datalogging. The level sensor design can be made to customer specifications. It consists  of a guide tube, float & housing with electronic transmitter circuitry. The level signal is measured by the sensor. The wireless transmitter transmits level, % level, transmitter internal, temperature,wireless signal strength and battery condition to a receiver ZGB203 or ZGB201 after the pre-defined transmission interval and data logging.


  • Chemicals, petrochemical, refineries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pressure vessel, Storage tanks
  • Marine Industry
  • Water & waste water treatment plants
  • 1 year + battery life
  • Operates in the free radio band 2.4 GHz
  • Transmits tank height, height in %, signal strength & battery status
  • User Programmable transmit interval
  • IP65 (NEMA-4X) weather resistant enclosure




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