Company profile

Established in 1980, Radix is one of India's foremost players in the field of Industrial Process Instrumentation and Automation. Starting out as a 2-man team in Bombay in 1980, Radix has now grown to over 260 employees without taking on a single rupee of debt, on the back of unmatched design and development strength coupled with pragmatic investment in growth. Our sales-force and products and services are currently found all over India as well as the highly-discerning German and European markets.

In addition to our decades of experience in manufacturing sensors and process-instrumentation, we have recently added a system-integration capacity and begun constructing control panels. As of now, we offer complete end-to-end automation, made cost-effective by in-house manufacture.

Over the years, we have maintained the finest design competency, a meticulous control over quality and a customer-centric business model. We understand the value of repeat business and focus on keeping our customers satisfied. We believe it is better to lose money than to lose trust.

  • If you seek superior customized sensors, feature-rich process controllers and high-quality system-integration that pays back, you have found the right company.
  • Our products are designed for Indian conditions, making them far more durable both here and abroad as compared to imports from Europe, America and China which are made for a cooler, more temperate climate. For Automation projects, we design systems keeping cost at a minimum, while maintaining expandability for the future.
  • Every one of Radix's processes, internal or external has the common goal of improving efficiency. We take advantage of all the tools offered by communication and cloud-based technology to expedite response to our customers' needs. Radix field engineers and support-staff are online and contactable in every way over email, phone, text-message or chat to eliminate every unnecessary delay in providing your solution.

With such a wide-range of control instruments, sensors and gauges, it is no wonder Radix has over 2000 customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, plastic, paper & pulp, steel, tyre, food & dairy, petrochemical, consumer goods, tea industries and many more. Radix products are found employed in every capital goods industry imaginable.

Whether you want to measure and/or control temperature, humidity, pressure, flow-rates, RPM or frequency, Radix will find you a solution.

We are specialists in signal conditioning and signal isolation; we incorporate signal isolation in nearly every product to prevent damage to your expensive machines and components in the event of electrical fluctuations. Many of our instruments are optionally fitted with an IP66 flameproof enclosure for use in hazardous environments. Similarly, sensor sheaths are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials for measurement in powerful chemicals. Across the country Radix has implemented Building Management Systems and SCADA in prominent pharmaceutical facilities, which conform to the strictest of guidelines. As proud Indians, we consider it our privilege to execute projects for the Indian Ministry of Defence. We also provide the tools and support necessary for Indian laboratories to continue the cutting-edge research that will establish our nation as a technology leader.


Radix aims to establish itself as a process-instrumentation leader in both Indian and foreign markets by maintaining a highly-competent workforce, constantly refining its product range for better quality and reduced cost and supplying conscientious sales support.

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