Data Logging

Radix has the most complete selection of data logging equipment, with mix of standard and customised engineered solutions. With data loggers from 1 to 100's of channels we can record temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, voltage, current, resistance and other digital signals, in connection with serial (RS-232/RS-485), ethernet or USB devices.

We also offer data acquisition and control systems where microsecond precision is needed. We have models with analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs,  RS-232, RS-485, ethernet interfaces.

We also provide configuration assistance, custom programming, custom system design and assembly, post-sales technical support, and repair and calibration services. Our development capabilities include custom data acquisition and data logging systems, field instruments, and portable data collection systems.

Our team have the expertise in following Applications
  • Remote data-logging
  • Cold room data-logging
  • Environmental monitoring - room Humidity, Temp and diff pressure monitoring
  • Furnace data-logging
  • Cold room monitoring
  • Hospital and surgical clean rooms
  • Tank monitoring
  • Remote water level and flow monitoring
  • Cellular Base station temperature monitoring
  • Oven and furnace profiling
  • Automotive engine test bench solutions
  • IT server room monitoring

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