Radix Instruments are considered reliable by our customers in the pharmaceutical industry which is governed by the most stringent regulations and sets the standard for instrumentation quality. Our products will meet and exceed your expectations for process instrumentation.

Radix Instruments can be found on industrial shopfloors around India, performing various functions critical to manufacturing and environment control as they are made out of cutting edged technology. We supply to pharmaceutical, steel, dairy, rubber, chemical and system integrators, amongst others.

Our Blind, Digital and Programmable Controllers indicate and actuate control based on process or temperature values. We offer portable calibrators often used by plant engineers to validate measuring instruments and versatile scanners and dataloggers to receive and record plant data for trend analysis or audit trails. Our Counters and Timers provide control based on time or events, while rate-indicators display events occurining within a timespan. 

Our Instruments catalog also boasts of Loop-Powered Indicators and Isolators which are powered by the very signal they measure as well as Signal Conditioners and Signal Multipliers for smoothening or amplifying messy or low-level signals for better control. Thanks to the competence of our design department, we incorporate signal isolation in even our other products.

To greenhouses, pharmaceutical facilities, dairy businesses, and the like where humidity control is as important as temperature, we supply Radix's range of Humidity Products. For less forgiving environments, you have Radix's range of Flameproof and Explosion-proof instruments which have an ingress protection rating of IP65 and above. 

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