Signal Isolators

Quality measurement and good equipment are very important parameter to achive Signal integrity. However, even with the best equipment, signals can be of inferior quality if the equipment is not properly installed or it is not protected by signal isolators / signal conditioners.

Radix design competency in signal isolation is one of the finest to be found. Radix signal isolators are an outstanding combination of accuracy, frequency response and signal handling. Choose from loop-powered isolators which require no external power supply and have very low loop drops, 3-port signal isolators which not only isolate input signals, but also act as signal multipliers and multiply signals to send to multple field instruments. Some of our signal isolators are HART compatible for effortless two-way field communication, that is achieved through superimposition of digital communication on top of the 4-20 mA signal.

Signal isolation devices are use to eliminate ground loop errors caused by noise (ground) and other such signal interference problems. 

Signal isolators use one of many electronic methods to interrupt the connections between two grounds while passing the correct signal with little or no loss of accuracy. Without a way for ground currents to flow, these currents can't induce signal errors caused by ground noise.  


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