Thyristor Power regulator

Radix offers a full range of SCR Power Regulators as well as SCR Heater Control Panels. The Panels are manufactured in- house at the new Radix Automation Centre at Mahape, Navi Mumbai.

Radix SCR (thyristor) Power Regulators are compact in size, robust in design, easy to install and maintain. Radix power regulator does not require specialized training for operation and maintenance.

Radix Power Regulators control power to the resistive or inductive heating loads which can be single-phase, two-phase or three-phase. They can switch load power extremely fast, providing the means to respond rapidly to command changes, load changes and power supply changes. This feature allows the control of fast responding loads and eliminates the negative effects of variations in load or supply voltages that can occur with other types of control.

Radix Power Regulators comprise of a triggering circuit and suitably rated back-to-back connected SCR modules mounted on special aluminium-alloy heat sinks duly isolated electrically .

The cooling is either natural cooling or forced air cooling using high speed noiseless air circulating fans.

Input and output terminals are clip-on type heavy duty connectors or copper bus bars type. For safety / protection suitably rated semiconductor fuses and thermal cut-outs are provided.

The entire assembly is mounted on a compact and easy to install anodized aluminium enclosure with safety ABS removable covers.

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