Portable Data Logging System

Radix provided Portable data-logging systems are accurate, durable and reliable. Our USB dataloggers are 21CFR compliant, and so are suitable for Pharma Industry applications.Designed to measure parameters like Temperature & Relative humidity some can also measure the parameters like Dew point with a very precise accuracy

Portable data logging technic compromises, use of USB data loggers which are ready to use (just plug and play), which has no hassels of data collection.

USB data loggers has wide range of applications few are listed as follows

  • Data acquisition during Transit/Transport (Container, Ccold storage vehicle)
  • Data logging in small area
  • Offline data logging in remote location
  • Data logging in Labs, Warehouse, room, HVAC etc.

Battery of the data loggers lasting for 2 years at 25°C and 1 minute logging rate and can be easily replacable along with data protection during low or empty battery scenerio.

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