Acid and Alkali RTD Sensors

Our Acid and Alkali RTD sensors are specially designed to withstand corrosive environments. The various options available to our customers include non-reactive teflon coating, corrosion resistant titanium sheaths, flexible cables and protective teflon sleeves amongst others, which allow for complex installations. All our sensors are 3-wire Pt100 element in simplex or duplex assembly, built to measure temperatures upto 200°C.

  • 3-wire Pt100 elements in simplex or duplex assembly
  • Temperature range: Upto 250°C
  • Choose from Titanium sheath / Teflon insulated Cable / Titanium sheath with Teflon coating / Bendable sheaths
  • Plastic terminal head, polypropylene (PP) head optional
  • Angular assemblies available

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