Flow Rate Indicator-Totalizers

The Radix Flow Rate Indicator-Totaliser(Totalizer) models FLT601 and  FLT401 accept signals from analog flow meters and display flow rates and volumes on a high visibility LED display. These Flow Rate Totalisers accept a 4~20mA input, and have 4 relays. Also provided are a 4~20mA output for retransmission, and an RS485 communication port with MODBUS/RTU. FLT601 has a 6-digit flow rate indicator and an 8-digit flow totaliser display. The FLT401 has a 4-digit and 6-digit display. 

The FLT Series of Flow Rate Indicator-Totalizers are used for flow monitoring and control, process monitoring and display, as well as voltage and current monitoring and display. The non-volatile memory with indefinite retention does not require batteries.

Radix Flow rate indicator-totaliser(Totalizer) model have facilities of communication to connect to PLC/ DCS/ SCADA, relay output based of Flowrate or totaliser, totaliser reset, retransmission of flowrate signal to other devices. Flow totalisers / totalizers accept signal from various types of flowmeters like electromagnetic, differential pressure transmitter on orifice plate , ultrasonic,  turbine type etc.

Radix flow rate indicator-totaliser(Totalizer) are mostly used in Process and Chemical industries, Water treatment plant's distribution system, effluent treatment plants etc. 

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