Wireless Sensors & Instrument System

Wireless Transmitter - Receiver system is designed to measure temperature and relative humidity and to send it across wirelessly to the receiver station for data logging and monitoring purpose.An Hastle free, easy to install system comprises of wireless sensors / transmitter covering all standard thermocouples and RTDs along with repeaters and receiver unit. It comes with free utility software and has full featured SCADA option available.Ideal for HVAC, Cleanroom, DAQ system, BMS system etc. the system covers wide range of applications where wiring is difficuit.

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  • Wireless Transmitter for RH + T (Surface and Head designs)
  • For Temperature :RTD : Pt100
  • For Temperature :Thermocouple : J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N
  • Relative Humidity : in % RH
  • Wireless Range : as given below
  • For Zigbee Range : Up to 120m outdoor line of sight and Up to 40m indoor / urban
  • For RF Range : Up to 10 km
  • For GPRS Range : Not range bound
  • Battery life : Minimum 1 year
Wireless RTD Transmitter

Wireless RTD Transmitter


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Wireless RH+T Transmitter

Wireless RH+T Transmitter


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